What is myMiracle® made of?

The insert is made of 100% silicone and filled with mineral oil. myMiracle® is latex-free (not made with natural latex rubber).

How does myMiracle® work?

myMiracle® is designed to provide a dual seal at the anorectal junction and within the anal canal. First, the bulb of the insert rests against, conforms to, and provides a seal at the anorectal junction, thus helping to prevent accidental fecal discharge from the rectum. Additionally, the shaft of the insert conforms to and fills the anal canal allowing pressure from the internal and external anal sphincters to seal the canal, thereby preventing bypass leakage.

Is myMiracle® prescription only?

Yes, you must have a prescription from your healthcare provider to obtain myMiracle®.

Is myMiracle® reusable?

No. Only use each insert once. Reuse of myMiracle® could result in breakage.

Is myMiracle® flushable?

Both the applicator and device should be disposed with the normal trash. Flushing the device or applicator is not recommended.

Will the myMiracle® be comfortable to insert/remove and wear?

The insert is designed utilizing the science of fluid dynamics, allowing it to conform, move, and adapt as the fluid is transferred throughout the device and making it easy to insert/remove and comfortable to wear.

The fluid in the bulb will transfer to the shaft of the device, decreasing its size while it is moving into place during insertion or while being removed.

During Insertion

In Situ

During Removal

How do I know myMiracle® is inserted all the way?

The device should be inserted until the external retainer comes to rest against the anus. The applicator should be removed and discarded at that time.

In Situ with Applicator

In Situ, Removing Applicator

How long can I wear myMiracle®?

myMiracle® may be worn continuously. A single insert may be worn until your next bowel movement or changed as you see fit. After one insert has been expelled, you may replace it with another.

How do I know what size to wear?

It is recommended that you begin with the smaller size unless otherwise instructed by your doctor or nurse. Upon engaging in daily activities, if you experience leakage or the devices comes out unexpectedly, try the larger size.

What position should I be in to insert myMiracle®?

You may want to try lying on a bed with your knees bent or standing with one foot up on the toilet. The important thing is that you are relaxed and comfortable prior to insertion.

What should I do if myMiracle® does not go in?

Make sure you are in a comfortable position and that your muscles are relaxed. Try to insert myMiracle® making sure the device is aligned with the anus and you are using gentle, steady pressure. Do not force the device. If the first position you try is not successful, you may want to try a new position or consider adding additional lubricant.

What happens if myMiracle® goes up into the rectum?

The device includes a soft, external retainer to help hold the device securely in place and prevent migration into the anal canal and rectum. If the device does migrate, you should attempt to expel it by mimicking a normal bowel movement. If the device does not come out at that time, it is likely the device will appear with a normal bowel movement within a day or two. If it does not appear within the a few days, you should call your doctor or nurse for further instruction.

What makes myMiracle® different from other available FI products?

myMiracle® is designed utilizing the science of fluid dynamics. The flexible, liquid-filled insert is engineered to conform, move, and adapt as the fluid is transferred throughout the device, making it easy to insert/remove and comfortable to wear. The insert is intended to adjust to the contours of the individual anatomy, conforming with the body to help prevent accidental leakage while allowing users to remain active and involved.

Can myMiracle® be used in conjunction with other treatments?

myMiracle® is designed to help those with FI manage their symptoms. Do not use it alongside other similar devices and inserts. Talk with your physician to work out a holistic treatment plan.

Can users still have normal bowel movements?

Yes! myMiracle® is designed to be easy to use, allowing for quick removal before bowel movements.

Does myMiracle® allow users to pass wind?

Yes, you should be able to pass wind past the insert.