An Elegant Solution to Manage
Fecal Incontinence

Did you know that fecal incontinence (FI) is more prevalent than asthma? It’s a common condition, particularly for older adults. If you’re living with FI, you’re certainly not alone, but people hardly talk about it. Many individuals avoid discussing FI even with their physician. And we get it: FI is highly personal. It prevents people around the world from actively living and enjoying their lives. It’s important to discuss and manage—and it is manageable.

myMiracle® offers you a new and simpler way to manage your FI symptoms. Developed by Minnesota Medical Technologies along with the world’s top gastroenterologists, myMiracle® is an elegant solution that’s designed to prevent accidental leakage. Not contain it, absorb it, or cover it. Prevent accidental leakage.

Prevention makes all the difference. Everyone’s situation is unique, but the countless stories of life with FI build a chorus of similar experiences. Embarrassment. Isolation. Extra planning and supplies for trips out—if you go out at all. No one should have to live like this, and we are determined to make a positive impact on the lives of those experiencing FI. Imagine where you could go with a discreet device that prevented accidental leakage, no matter its cause.

Whether you’re going out to dinner, working in the office, or visiting with family and friends, myMiracle® lets you get back to doing the things that make you happy.